No one gets through life on earth without getting hurt. No one. 

Not even Jesus.


Always indicate something harmful has happened to us and everyone gets bruised in some way in the course of living life.


Afflicts everyone on some level. 
Broken Promises.  Broken dreams. Broken  relationships. Broken spirits.


Often result from the very remedies we develop to deal with our bruises and brokenness. 

Drugs, alcohol, porn, distrust, bitterness, perfectionism, food, ambitions, possessing things, gambling, grief, workaholism, the internet, cutting, relational dependencies, and many, many other things can form barriers that keeps us from experiencing all God has in mind of us.

Too often people, including professing Christians, think the solution to their bruises, brokenness and bondages is to somehow design a prescriptive antidote that if they just follow it faithfully, try harder and believe more life has to get better.  However, what if the solution is more about something God wants to do in us rather than to us?  

What if it isn't so much about behaving better, being more self-controlled, or trying harder, but more about being transformed from the inside out?


That is what Compassionate Recovery is really about.  And Compassionate Recovery is more than a quick fix. It is an extraordinary journey to get to the root of bruises, brokenness and bondages, while simultaneously learning lifelong patterns that set people free and help protect against continuing in old ways. Real lasting life change takes time and investment, so the greater the level of involvement using the tools of Compassionate Recovery, the greater the personal return.  Hope you will consider giving Compassionate Recovery a try and a chance.

Why Compassionate Recovery?

 When I came to E-Free Church in 2007, my defined ministry vision emphasized the Biblical concept of “one another”. Soon my ministry area was renamed “Counseling & One Another Ministries.” A recovery ministry in the traditional sense was not on my radar. Then a young man with a history of addictions and involvement with A.A. and N.A. and I began a dialogue on the subject. I clarified that I was not looking for a ministry that only focused on drugs and alcohol. 32 years of ministry experience made me sure that the truth of God’s Word is equally applicable to all seeking to experience hope and freedom from life’s struggles. In 2008 we launched a nationally recognized Christian recovery ministry that was designed for people with all sorts of “hurts, hang-ups and habits”. For 10 years I taught their material, integrating A.A.’s 12 steps with their 8 Biblical recovery principles. In 2013, I completed a 30-hour American Association of Christian Counselors certificate training in Addiction and Recovery. Gradually, I felt led of God to build off what I had learned and to create a new independent ministry that I felt would more completely help people understand:

     • What God designed man to be in the beginning

     • What happened to that design because of the Fall

     • How to identify personal obstacles to experiencing joy & freedom in 9 specific areas 

     • 10 Biblical principles to move them from where they are  to where God wants them to be

     • Ways to protect self from going back to old ways

     • How to use what they have learned to help others


Director E-Free Counseling & One Another Ministries & Compassionate Recovery Founder, Ministry Director


Each Thursday night's lesson is videoed and posted here,
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