Tuesday, October 25




1. Bring over a home-cooked meal

Bringing over a delicious meal that you made yourself is a wonderful act of kindness. A mother with a new baby, an elderly next door who has trouble cooking, a family struggling with a medical situation—they will all appreciate your efforts. It also doesn’t cost much, and a meal can be easily prepared in advance. 

2. Offer a small gift

Small tokens of appreciation go a long way toward forging a friendly connection with your neighbors. Bake some homemade cookies, or simply layer all ingredients in a jar together with a handwritten recipe for an inexpensive but delicious gift. A gift can also come in the form of offering your time or help, like offering to collect mail while they are on vacation, or helping with minor home repairs if you’re handy.

3. Help anonymously

Sometimes, asking for help or offering assistance is difficult. If you see that they need help just take care of it for them. So look out for opportunities to lend a hand.

4. Offer a listening ear

In our fast-paced world with busy schedules, we could all use the opportunity to slow down and connect with others on a personal level. Consider paying them a visit, and simply offer a listening ear.  Ask them if there’s anything they need – perhaps you have an elderly next door who needs help running errands, or a single parent who needs help keeping up with yard work. 

5. Write a letter 

Snail mail can be fun! A sweet note in the mail is sure to put a smile on their face. If you choose to go the virtual route, you can always text or email them.  Are they sick, down, or struggling send a video clip or image that might uplift them or make them laugh.

6. Give someone a compliment

Whether it’s in person to someone you live with or an online comment on social media or your favorite blog, a compliment can go a long way.

7. Offer to do your neighbor’s yardwork.

OK, this one requires going outside as well, but while you are cutting your grass, offer to do your neighbor’s to save them the hassle.

8. Pick up trash in your neighborhood

This one does require you to leave the house, but you don’t have to go far to throw away litter around your neighborhood.

9. Invite your neighbor to church

The ultimate gift you can give your neighbor is a chance to learn about Jesus and his gift of salvation.  Invite them to come to church with you and then go to lunch.